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This herniation of the disc can result in a large bulge that can press on nearby nerve roots, causing pain. However, herniated discs don’t always hurt. In fact, it’s entirely possible to have a herniated disc and not know it. Herniated discs only cause pain when the herniated area pushes on a nerve root in the spine. The difference between a herniated and bulging disc are simple. To use a common metaphor among physicians, think of a disc like a jelly donut. The donut has a liquid center surrounded by a thicker shell. If you press down on the donut, the sides bulge out as the jelly inside presses against them – this is a bulging disc or disc protrusion. Nov 28, 2018 · Disc herniations in the lower back are similar to the symptoms of a bulging disc. If your accident led to this, you might experience intense pain affecting your buttocks. Severe pain in the thighs and calves are also common symptoms. Numbness and tingling are also tell-tale signs of. Both conditions may present with leg or back pain, numbness, and tingling, but these are often more likely in a case of a herniated disc because nerve impingement is more likely. The only way to confirm a herniated or a bulging disc is to perform an MRI.

Meanwhile, a herniated disc occurs when a crack in the tough outer layer of cartilage allows some of the inner gel-like cartilage to protrude out of the discs. A herniated disc is more likely to cause pain than a bulging disc. The irritation and pain comes from compression and/or inflammation of the nerve. What Is the Difference Between a Herniated Disc & a Bulging Disc?Discs. Discs are between the vertebra in the spine and act as shock absorbers and cushions.Herniated Disc. A herniated disc happens when the hard outer layer cracks and.Symptoms. The symptoms for a herniated disc are numbness. A primary distinction between a herniated disc and a bulging disc is: Bulging discs are “contained.” There is no rupture or tear present inside the disc’s outer layer. There’s a. Myth 1: Bulging, herniated, & ruptured disks are the same. Reality: Bulging disks and herniated/ruptured disks are different conditions$1.Dr. Raymond Walkup, M.D., spine surgeon at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center, explains that the terms ruptured disk and herniated disk are in fact interchangeable, but a bulging disk is a different matter. May 31, 2017 · Herniated Disc – A herniated disc occurs when so much pressure is exerted on an already bulging disc or a healthy disc that the nucleus bursts out of the containment layer and seeps into the spinal canal. Imagine squeezing a jelly-filled donut until some of the filling erupted.

The differences between bulging and herniated discs include:Bulging discs are contained, herniated discs are non-contained.Bulging discs are intact, herniated discs are broken or cracked.Bulging discs may protrude, while herniated discs leak fluid.Bulging discs are more common, but herniated. Jan 27, 2016 · Bulging Disc vs. Herniated Disc: Different Treatment Options in NJ Dr. Gaetan Moise January 27, 2016 March 20th, 2018 If you have back pain or sciatica, then you understand how the pain can limit your normal active lifestyle.

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