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2013 Halloween Harvest Event

2013 Halloween Harvest EventHalloween Harvest 2013

The City of Aventura will hold its annual Halloween Harvest Event on Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 1:00PM – 4:00PM at the Community Recreation Center. Children and their families are encouraged to come in costume and participate in the following:

  • “Pirate’s Life for Me” maze
  • bounce houses
  • Trick or Treat Trail
  • theme based games
  • Scallywag Swag Photo Station.

The Community Recreation Center is located at 3375 NE 188th St. Parking is located at the Harbour Centre on the corner of NE 29th Ave and NE 188th St. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided from 12:45PM – 4:30PM.

For more information, contact the Community Recreation Center at (305) 466-3883 or visit the City’s website at www.cityofaventura.com.

I hope you find this information useful. I’m here to assist you with all your South Florida real estate. Contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Home Sales Flirting with New Records in Miami-Dade

Home sales flirting with new records in Miami-Dade

Some key real estate records are finally falling again in South Florida.

Prices remain about 40 percent below peaks set in 2006 and about a third of all homes carry loans larger than what they’re worth, but sales have moved very close to new record levels.

Home sales back to boom records levels

This chart tracks a 12-month average of sales of existing single-family homes in Miami-Dade County, as reported by the Miami Association of Realtors. The current monthly average of 1,052 homes per month is just 4 percent below the past peak of 1,093 homes set in June 2004.

To appreciate just how strong of a comeback that represents, consider that in July 2008, the monthly average hit just 330 homes. That was a 70 percent plunge — a depressed market in crisis by any measure.

While the overall sales level remains just below peak, some months have already set new records. In 2013, February, May and July all posted record sales. The August numbers are set to be released Sept. 19.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/04/3605396/home-sales-flirting-with-new-records.html#storylink=cpy

I hope you find this information useful. I’m here to assist you with all your South Florida real estate. Contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Happy Labor Day 2013

Labor Day 2013

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Make An Offer That Sellers Can’t Refuse

Make An Offer That Sellers Can’t Refuse

NEW YORK – June 13, 2013 – With shrinking inventories, many homebuyers are finding only competitive offers will win them the house they want. A recent article by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance highlighted several ways that homebuyers can make more competitive “irresistible” offers.

1. Be preapproved: About three or four months before home buyers even shop for a home, they should review their credit reports to make sure they’re accurate and take short-term steps to improve their credit score, says Michael Corbett, author of Before You Buy! Corbett says buyers then should get a bank’s preapproval. While that won’t guarantee they’ll get the loan, it shows sellers that a lender has verified the buyer’s income and credit score to determine that she can afford payments on a mortgage for a certain amount.

2. Don’t lowball: Buyers may only get one chance to get the home they want in a competitive market. They may not get a second try to sweeten the deal later, so a lowball offer the first time around could cause them to lose out. Buyers should use sales prices of comparable properties in the neighborhood to submit their best offer the first time around.

3. Consider an escalator clause: These purchase contract clauses are becoming more popular again. This is when the buyer agrees to increase their offer if there’s a higher bid from another buyer.

4. Add earnest money: The extra deposit can show sellers how serious the buyer is. Some buyers may even double the amount that the seller requests to show their commitment in purchasing the home.

5. Keep contingencies to a minimum: Sellers prefer no contingencies, but buyers want to protect their interests too. “Offset a financing contingency with preapproval and a strong earnest money deposit,” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance reports. “If you have enough cash, temper an appraisal contingency by assuring sellers that if the appraisal comes in lower than the purchase price, you’ll pay the difference or split it with them (up to a certain amount).”

6. Write a letter: Personal love letters about the home addressed to the sellers are winning over some hearts lately. The letters tell the seller about the buyer (e.g. “We’re relocating from …”) and what drew the buyer to the home (e.g. “We especially love …”).

Source: “Making an irresistible home offer,” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (May 31, 2013)

I hope you find this information useful. I’m here to assist you with all your South Florida real estate. Contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Six Ways a Home May Turn Off Buyers

Six Ways a Home May Turn Off Buyers

Bankrate.com recently featured a list of the top ways buyers back away from a home listed for sale. Its list includes these items, among others:

1. Dirt: “The No. 1 biggest mistake is not getting the home in the best possible condition. That’s huge,” says Chad Goldwasser of Goldwasser Real Estate in Austin, Texas. “I won’t even represent sellers at this point unless they are fully aware of how important it is to get their home in the absolute best condition that they’ve ever had it in.” Goldwasser suggests also steam-cleaning tile and grout and carpets and replacing carpets if necessary.

2. Odors: “Odors are a big one, especially kitchen odors,” says Julie Dana, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Staging Your Home to Sell. “I advise my clients not to cook fried food, fish, or greasy food while the house is on the market. … Interestingly, next to the kitchen, the smelliest room in the house is actually the living room. That’s typically the room that has the most fabric, so that is where odors get absorbed.” She recommends having curtains and upholstery cleaned, particularly if someone in the home is a smoker, and taking steps to eliminate any pet odors.

3. Old fixtures: “You need to change out old fixtures in your house,” Goldwasser says, adding outdated ceiling fans and light fixtures should be replaced prior to listing a home. “New cabinet hardware and doorknobs will probably cost all of $400 or $500, but it makes a huge difference.”

4. Wallpaper: When buyers see wallpaper, they think of another thing to add to their to-do list, says Dana. “Wallpaper is extremely personalized. You’ve spent hours looking over books to pick out the wallpaper you want,” she says. “What are the odds that the person walking in the door will also like that wallpaper that you picked out?”

5. Popcorn acoustic ceilings: These ceiling were popular in the 1960s and 1970s but now can date a home. Still, it can be a mess and costly to remove, so real estate professionals say sellers may need to be prepared to credit a buyer in certain markets if they decide to keep the popcorn ceiling when selling a home.

6. Too many personal items: Cluttered homes make it difficult for buyers to see past the home owner’s belongings and start envisioning themselves there. “Anything that makes your house scream ‘you’ is what you don’t want,” Dana says. “I tell all my clients that how we decorate to live and how we decorate to sell are different, and right now, we’re decorating to sell.”

Source: “10 Ways to Turn Off a Would-Be Homebuyer,” Bankrate.com (June 10, 2013)

I hope you find this information useful. I’m here to assist you with all your South Florida real estate. Contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Don’t Be Fooled By These 3 Real Estate Myths

Don’t Be Fooled By These 3 Real Estate MythsMyth or Fact

by Brendon DeSimone / Published April 01, 2013 / Zillow

As the real estate market significantly rebounds, some buyers and sellers are dipping their toes in the waters for the first time. Inevitably, they come into the market with assumptions about how it works.

Their assumptions may come from TV reality shows or watching their parents’ house-hunting experiences. Maybe they’ve learned about real estate from a co-worker’s recent home buying or selling experience. The trouble is, the new buyer or seller’s assumptions are sometimes based on outdated or generalized “real estate myths.” Here are three such myths that many less-seasoned home buyers and sellers assume are true.

Myth No. 1: Spring is the best time to sell a home

Historically, real estate seasons were tied to summer and the end of the school year. Families were the typical buyers or sellers, and they wanted to move during the summer so their kids could start anew in September. That’s how spring became the prime selling season. It’s true there are still more homes for sale in the spring, which means there’s a lot of activity and buzz. But spring isn’t necessarily the best time to sell a home anymore.

The reality: The best time to sell is during the holidays and right after

Today, more than half of buyers aren’t married, and their decisions aren’t based upon school schedules. So spring isn’t as relevant as it used to be. Instead, the best time to sell a home is in November, December and January.

It’s a supply-and-demand issue. Most sellers assume buyers aren’t seriously looking during this prolonged holiday season. And yet, many buyers are looking at properties in person and online right up until Christmas Eve. If the right home goes on the market in mid-December, a serious buyer — and there will be a lot of them — will take note.

After New Year’s Eve, most buyers jump back into their routine with a resolve to get into the real estate market, even though many sellers wouldn’t even consider listing in January. The net effect: Savvy sellers will face less competition for a still-strong pool of buyers during this period. And that makes November-January a great time to sell.

Myth No. 2: Always start with your lowest offer

There’s no generalized strategy for making an offer on a home anywhere, ever. A seller could have overpriced or underpriced the home on purpose. Some markets may be more competitive than others. But, somehow, in the back of the buyer’s head Read the rest of this entry »

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Presenting Golden Pointe Townhomes at The Waterways

Presenting Golden Pointe Townhomes at The Waterways Just Listed

This 4 bedroom, 3 bath, waterfront residence has 2,180 square feet of living space plus a 1 car garage. This well maintained, 2 story property, has a private elevator installed by the current owner, a custom designed kitchen with granite counters, a formal dining room and hurricane shutters. The floor plan is unique and has 1 bedroom on the main level and 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The community offers 24 hour manned security gate and a heated swimming pool. Golden Pointe residents have access to the tennis courts and use of the Spa facilities at The Point for an annual fee of $1,983.

Property Tour: 3788 NE 209th Te, Aventura, FL  33180

To view a tour of this property just click on START TOUR below:

This is a rare opportunity to own a waterfront townhome in this upgraded community in Aventura. For more information on this or any other South Florida real estate information contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Real Estate Tips For Home Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Tips For Home Buyers and Sellers

Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and founder of The Corcoran Group gives advice to future and current homeowners.

When you become a buyer or seller the most important thing you can do is learn your market. Talk to a savvy local agent, and don’t make assumptions based on what you think you know. Real estate is local and every market is different with its own customs. If you believe there are general rules for real estate strategy that apply everywhere, you’ll likely be fooled.

I’m available to assist you with all your South Florida real estate needs.  Contact me at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Real Estate Market Update – April 2013

Real Estate Market Update – April 2013Market Update

Ron Shuffield, President of EWM Realty International gives us an update on the increasing prices of South Florida homes.  Click here to view the video.

Please contact me for all your South Florida real estate needs at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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Low Inventory of Homes for Sale Plagues Many Markets

Low Inventory of Homes for Sale Plagues Many MarketsLow Inventory of Homes for Sale

The low inventory of for-sale homes is creating a seller’s market throughout the country.

“Buyers and agents are literally waiting for the next house,” says Rick Turley, president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for the San Francisco Bay Area.

The supply of existing homes for sale reached nearly an eight-year low in January, according to the National Association of REALTORS. Nationwide, there is a 4.2-month supply of existing homes for sale.

A more balanced market with a six-month supply will occur when home prices rise another 20 percent, says John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Such an increase would then lure sellers to match demand coming in from renters and investors, and the rise in prices will also lead to more home building, Burns says.

Still, a return to healthy inventory levels could be years off, some say. “Many home owners can’t afford to sell because they don’t have enough equity to put into buying another house — or would have to write a check to sell,” USA Today reports. “The supply of distressed houses for sale is thinning as the foreclosure crisis recedes, especially in some states. Home building, while improving, is still at low levels. And, after years of holding on, few home owners want to sell when prices are just coming off the bottom, REALTORS say.”

Source: “Home sellers are scarce as spring buyers stir,” USA Today (Feb. 26, 2013)

I hope this information is useful to you. Please contact me for all your South Florida real estate needs at (305) 329-4929 or [email protected]

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